Foxes to appear in New Series of Doctor Who

Foxes, British singer/songwriter, will make an appearance in Series 8 of Doctor Who.

As soon as this was announced, I could feel everyone together, asking who she was. As someone who doesn’t follow music, I understandably haven’t heard of her before, even if she is a Grammy-winning tourer who debuted her album at #5 in the charts.


What I’ve also felt is that a lot of people have been overreacting to this.  How dare you cast a singer in Doctor Who!, they all seemed to say (a lot of commenters were met with responses from Foxes fans, who… well, let’s just say fandoms can be corrupting). Despite the fact that we have absolutely no reason to say Foxes will actually be “a character”. Remember when jazz musician Courtney Pine cameoed in Silver Nemesis? I think it’s safe to say we’re looking at a similar situation here, especially as the press release states Foxes will “perform a track and appear”. I can only assume she will be appearing to perform a track.

According to Foxes, she was performing a gig and found herself talking to representatives of the production crew who’d been watching it. I’ve no evidence to back this up, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the production crew was there specifically to make a judgement on her music, needing a musician to appear in the show to perform in a scene.


Steven Moffat says Foxes’ appearance is due to the Doctor “finally catching up on his phone calls”. If this meant she’d be the main guest star for that episode, the press release would be different. It would say she’d be guest starring, rather than appearing to presumably perform a track.

And while Foxes has referred to this as her acting debut, that’s another thing. If she meant that seriously, she’s technically correct because appearing in an episode would be classed as acting in this scenario. And if the doesn’t mean it seriously, then she doesn’t mean it seriously.


Honestly, there’s nothing to worry about. As I concluded in my previous post regarding Frank Skinner, the producers haven’t resorted to stunt casting. A musician that’s been deemed the best person to appear has been chosen to perform a track for the show. Headlines often have the role of summarising the article, and in this case it’s accurate – Foxes to appear in the New Series. That is all.

Or is that what we’re lead to believe…?


Author: alexsigsworth

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