Jason Mohammed at Doctor Who’s Series 8 premiere — live blog

From 0900 to 1300 today, BBC Radio Wales’ Jason Mohammed hosted his radio show from the Series 8 premiere from St. David’s Hall. This blog post covers the event LIVE!

Steven Moffat live with Jason Mohammed.
Steven Moffat live with Jason Mohammed.

Showrunner Steven Moffat was interviewed: he says it was BBC Worldwide’s idea. Matt Smith’s first season toured his and Karen Gillan’s old schools by bus, and that this time he wanted to make it even bigger. Capaldi and Jenna Coleman “only wrapped on the show yesterday”. (Extract)

Jason Mohammed has scared away some Cybermen so he can speak to Danny Hargreaves safely.
Jason Mohammed has scared away some Cybermen so he can speak to Danny Hargreaves safely.

Special Effects Supervisor Danny Hargreaves was interviewed: technically, this was the most challenging season to produce. Peter Capaldi would arrive on set before he was required just to watch things blow up.

Tweets were read, sent to @BBCRadioWales via #DoctorWho.BubWkKOCEAA9wu_

Fans were interviewed
on the red carpet, being asked who their favourite Doctors are, what they think of Capaldi and why they like the show. One had come from the Netherlands, saying the show was only popular there during the Tom Baker years, and had discovered it via the BBC’s overseas channel. An American fan discovered it through public access TV in Silicon Valley. He said the show’s American popularity was only growing.

More tweets were read from all over the world, including one fan listening at night from Melbourne.

Here come the Cybermen...
Here come the Cybermen…

Cybermen then proceeded toward the hall.

Fans cheered as Mohammed announced Capaldi and Coleman were on their way…

The Impossible Girl says "Thank you, Wales".
The Impossible Girl says “Thank you, Wales”.

Coleman arrived shortly after as This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home and Westminster Bridge played. She talked of wrapping late the previous night, and how much she enjoyed the Universal appeal of the show. Coleman claimed Capaldi was a very effortlessly clever and self-depreciating actor, while also holding a gravitas and presence, before departing to greet fans. (Extract)

Bill & Monica from Iowa had a Doctor Who wedding! Welcome to Wales.
Bill & Monica from Iowa had a Doctor Who wedding! Welcome to Wales.

Mohammed announced Capaldi would be interviewed shortly after, before interviewing Monica and Bill, who were both fans from PBS showing the Classic Series and had chosen Cardiff for their honeymoon after their Wholock wedding four months before it was chosen for the premiere. Monica’s favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee and Bill’s is Sylvester McCoy. Elizabeth from Melbourne had arrived two days before, coming to Wales for the first time (her favourite is David Tennant).

Mohammed concluded the fan consensus was that Doctor Who was so popular by being a drama as well as sci-fi which takes an alien to show Humanity at its best and worst. Fans started handing in their tickets and running up the steps of St. David’s Hall to get the best seat for the episode’s world premiere.

Executive Producer Brian Minchin was interviewed, who said how nice it was to have been filming since January and finally be able to show it to people, plus the way it brings tourism to Cardiff due to the way the relaunch was handled so well. He claimed Capaldi brought a love and respect to the role, and was an extraordinary, limitless actor. Capaldi and Coleman’s chemistry worked from the beginning, since Clara Oswald has to ease him into his new incarnation, which doesn’t consider the feelings of those around him as much. They’d both be seen rehearsing during breaks. Moffat’s taken an approach of the Peter Capaldi era as a new chapter in the show balancing comedy with horror.

More fans were interviewed as they went inside, who mostly talked about their expectations for the Twelfth Doctor.

Jason Mohammad on-air on BBC Radio Wales and live on stage at the Doctor Who premiere!
Jason Mohammad on-air on BBC Radio Wales and live on stage at the Doctor Who premiere!

The Director of BBC Cymru Wales Rhodri Davies was introduced on stage.

The auditorium was a full house, with minutes left before the screening.

The Doctor is on his way to join Jason Mohammad!
The Doctor is on his way to join Jason Mohammad!

More tweets were read-out, one of which requested Mohammed to ask Capaldi his favourite episode.

He's here! The Doctor himself.
He’s here! The Doctor himself.

Capaldi was interviewed a  few minutes later, who said that seeing so many fans turn-out for the episode was “delightful”, as he enjoyed saying hello to them (including the honeymooning fans).  His reaction to the announcement of the relaunch was excitement, as it would be made by professionals who were also fans. He said the heart of the show was the bond between production and audiences, and that those professional fans running the show ensured that bond would continue. “Who wouldn’t want to be Doctor Who?”. The Twelfth Doctor’s look was intended to be stark, with dark colours, since clothing is a dialogue. Capaldi recalled the costuming process, in-which he tried on any and every suggestion of how the Doctor should dress, before the combination he ultimately used was the one that made him feel like the Doctor, since it can also be emulated easily.

Series 8 premiered when “Deep Breath” was shown at about 1300, ending the broadcast.


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