Seoul Q&A coverage

At 12:30 BST, the Seoul stage of the Doctor Who World Tour held a question and answer session, which was livestreamed from the Grand Ballroom.

The host opened by speaking to the audience mostly in Korean, but read a message from Steven Moffat in English, which was the old “don’t spoil or photo it” spiel.

Vale Decim played, while a montage of clips of regeneration stories (with new versions created for the First and Second Doctors) were shown.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were welcomed to the stage and greeted the audience in Korean! For most of it, a translator interpreted between them and the audience. Even in some parts, where they responded with sounds rather than words, the audience could tell how they felt and were really soaking up their hospitality.

There was a guest appearance from the band that included the TARDIS in their music video, and they seemed pleased that Capaldi and Coleman liked it. Some gifts were given to them, such as oriental fans. Capaldi asked if he could be in their next video, and one of the musicians asked if he could be in the show, before coaxing Capaldi into a Korean social gesture.

One of Capaldi’s answers was about being chosen as the Doctor. He said he worked with Costume Designer Howard Burden on “The Musketeers“, before Burden knew he was to be the next Doctor. Coleman gave the “Avocado” anecdote. Capaldi made a lot of gestures when speaking and even impersonated Matt Smith at one point. Most of the questions were ones we’d heard before, such as the reason for the Twelfth Doctor’s dark clothing. Coleman talked about how she works with Burden, especially in “The Snowmen“, a clip from which was shown at one point, along with Series 8’s trailer. She also says she’s unlike Clara Oswald by not being good at baking.

Capaldi asked the audience why such a British thing’s so popular in South Korea, and they became very excited.

Coleman released one of Oswald’s lines to the Doctor: “Do as you are told”. She said it will make more sense when the episode’s seen.

A portrait of the Doctor and Clara was given to them, and a golden leaf was presented to Coleman.

The final question was what the audience should look out for when watching “Deep Breath“, implying there hadn’t been a screening of it.


Author: alexsigsworth

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