On the Series 8 episode titles

"Look at all the fucks I give."

The titles for Series 8’s episodes have been released. Here’s my thoughts on them:

Deep Breath” – probably because of the spaceship in the Thames. I’m guessing that deep breathing is similar to blinking, and that the monster will seep into people through a process similar to that.

Into The Dalek” – this is one of those confrontational titles that doesn’t really need an explanation. The Doctor goes into the casing of a Dalek; the episode will probably be educational. Educational in the sense that it teaches the audience how a Dalek works. But will they be taking information from “The Dalek Book“?

Robot Of Sherwood” – so it’s set in Sherwood Forest, and there’s a robot. Well, obviously. Unless by an astonishing twist it turns-out Robyn Hood is also a robot. Better still, it could be set in the Land of Fiction. If that turns out to be the ending, I won’t know whether to be proud with myself or disappointed with Gatiss.

Listen” – this is another “Blink“-esque title, probably. A monster that only exists when you can’t hear it? So you have to listen really closely? I dunno, maybe.

Time Heist” is Series 8’s exciting title. Every season has one. Like “The Name Of The Doctor“, “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship” or “A Good Man Goes To War“. I’m expecting a romp, and this show’s attempt at a classic caper. Sounds fun!

The Caretaker” reminds me of why I’ve always considered Gareth Roberts’ titles a bit dull. One of “Closing Time“‘s original titles was “Everything Must Go“. “The Lodger” was “Don’t Go Up The Stairs” and “The Shakespeare Code” was “Theatre Of Doom“. All these working titles were actually better than the one we ended up with, and they’re all a bit… naff. “The Caretaker” was probably something like “The Doctor Goes To School” or “A Robot Comes To School” or something like that, but instead we get “The Caretaker“. Dear me, Mr. Roberts. Dear me.

Kill The Moon” sounds a bit of a wildcard, like some artsy, avant garde episode, with lots of cyberpunk music. For all we know, the screen could phase between colours to make it more trippy. I honestly have nothing else to say about it, because it really describes itself. Except… it doesn’t. (This is the first episode written by a new writer.)

Mummy On The Orient Express” – need I say more?

Flatline” makes me think of “Torchwood: Miracle Day“, which isn’t really a good thing but I doubt it has anything to do with it. Once I’ve seen the episode, it’ll probably make perfect sense and seem like the perfect title, but it’s so vague at this stage that all I can really say about it is that it shouldn’t be like the flatine in “The Power Of Three“.

In The Forest Of The Night” sounds like a mashup between “Forest Of The Dead” and “In The Night Garden“. But it’s also very fairytale, but one of the scary ones. Could be inspired by the Brothers Grimm. I hope so. Just as long as it’s better than the forest from “Hide“.

Dark Water” seems to have a connection to “Deep Breath“, but then again it might not. But it sounds threatening, and since there are Cybermen in it, all I can hope for is a “Jaws” pastiche with underwater Cybermen. Then we can all speculate about how this connects to the Omnirumour.

Death In Heaven“. Oh yes. OH YES. OH YES. Okay, I’ll stop. I’m just excited because this is maybe the best title for a finale we’ve ever had. Even over “The Name Of The Doctor“. For a science fiction, it would be most unusual to go into Afterlife territory, but doing so would change our understanding of Normal Space and create a new level of threat that will be hard to beat. Now, death is not the end. If you die, you might just become a Cyberman. Moffat’s finales are famous for their attempts to kill off people; “The Big Bang” killed-off everything except Earth, “The Wedding Of River Song” killed-off the Doctor, even “The Name Of The Doctor” kind of re-killed-off the Time Lords and Daleks, sort of. Now, “Death In Heaven” goes even further – by killing off the dead.


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