Doctor Who comes to Minecraft 360 – gamers everywhere say “why?”

It’s been announced by “Doctor Who” that the show is to officially come to “Minecraft“‘s Xbox 360 edition.

The 50th anniversary site states it “is set to become ‘Blocktor Who‘”, though there’s the redeeming possibility of this being a joke. Let’s hope.

As a deal made between BBC Worldwide, none of the license fee has been spent on this. Which would be unnecessary anyway because the thing about “Minecraft” is that it existed on PC long before consoles. The reason there are subtitles like “PlayStation 3 edition” and “Xbox 360 edition” is because the console versions are unable to do a lot of things the PC version can.

BBC Worldwide bringing the show to Xbox 360 only is generating controversy for no real reason; the PC version already has it through mods and downloads. There are countless videos on YouTube demonstrating this.

The addition is described as giving players the ability to “change their avatar to resemble their favourite characters from the show” – something you could already do if you just had it on PC. All those mods and downloads? Free. On Xbox? £1.99.

It’s not that I’m a PC elitist – the majority of games I have are on PlayStation 2 (you read that right). It’s just that I jumped onto the game’s bandwagon when it was on PC (the only platform available at the time). And because some people for some reason prefer to play it on console, they’ve needed appeasement. The BBC have created a mod everybody already made and shared themselves ages ago.

Go figure.


Author: alexsigsworth

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