Cold “Doctor Who” review

Along with my Doctor Who day vlogs, another thing I do on YouTube is cold reviews, in-which I review the episode by going straight into it with no plan. I explain why at the start of the video, though a complete Series 8 review is coming soon.

I’ll be publishing these on the Friday after the episode at the time the episode finished, just as the vlogs will also be at that time on the Sunday after, bookending the day of the episode.

Anyway, here is this month’s:


Author: alexsigsworth

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3 thoughts on “Cold “Doctor Who” review”

  1. A cold review. Interesting concept. I too found that Clara’s inability to grasp the Twelfth Doctor odd, and Vastra’s reaction equally so. I love the figurine collection btw.


    1. Ah, my finest possessions. One day (meaning, when I can get time to make them stand up on their own), I’ll arrange them into the “Home, the long way round” shot.
      I’ll have to do a close-up of them if I ever did a house tour. Except there’s no “if”, since I will be doing for my 18th. But when could that be? you’ll find out very soon… 😉


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