Doctor Who Experience reopens this month

It’s official – the Doctor Who Experience reopens this month with a brand new interactive story starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor… and Lalla Ward as Romanadvortrelundar. Yes, Lady President of Gallifrey Romana is involved in an adventure featuring the original TARDIS console room, along with those used by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. This is due to the experience relocating to Cardiff, next to the show’s studios, giving them even more unlimited access to the franchise’s facilities. Whether the console rooms of Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy or John Hurt will be included remains to be seen, but all of them are at the experience. One can only hope so. Yay, fanservice! It’s all right, though, cause only fans are likely to be there. Meanwhile, Capaldi’s surely in his element – he got to use the old consoles. I expect Hartnell’s was his favourite. It would be, wouldn’t it. Maybe he asked Moffat if his could be monochrome, since.. you know…

I can’t tell you what to think about Romana’s inclusion. It’s good. It’s definitely that. Why she couldn’t be in “The Day Of The Doctor” instead of the general remains to be seen. Probably because of Rassilon being there – I don’t care, though. Seal of Rassilon! Mythology! Callbacks! References! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, it’s in Wales.


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