Alex Macqueen IS The Master!

Peter Capaldi (Malcolm Tucker)’s other known show, “The Thick of It“, has recently cast Chris Addison (Oliver Reeder) as Seb, while Big Finish features Alex Macqueen (Julius Nicholson) as the Master.

According to Big Finish continuity, Macqueen’s Master has been resurrected by the Time Lords to prepare him for the Last Great Time War, though not before completing other assignments for them first.

Macqueen confirmed in the latest Doctor Who Magazine that he’s in-talks with Capaldi to bring his version of the Master to television. As such, I’ve put together this trailer, featuring Macqueen as Addison, combined with Steven Moffat’s “Dark Water“‘s Next Time trailer to bring something of a lighter side to the darkness that’s rising.


Author: alexsigsworth

Basically... run.

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