Coming Up

Originally, I was going to post this on Monday, but December’s proven to be a bit hectic, and still is. Just to get my head around everything that’s going on, I wanted to put it all down in a blog as a sort-of checklist.

Non-blog related (though these may influence post frequency):

-College deadlines for 19th.

-NaNoWriMo update by 31st.

-UCAS form submission by 15th January.

Blog related (the only ones you really need to know about):

Dark Water/Death in Heaven review

-BBC One HD’s Christmas Day schedule (24th)

-YouTube formats announcement (25th)

Doctor Who: The Fires of Vulcan review (31st)

-Best of the New Series (26th March)

These aren’t all I’ll be posting, but right now I’m more focused on non-blog priorities, which’ll all be sorted by Christmas Week. Then I can start focusing on the planned refurbishment of my YouTube channel, which is a contributor to this blog. So, really, expect the wheels to start turning again at January, with some nice appetisers before then.


Author: alexsigsworth

Basically... run.

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