Kill All Your Friends – A Musical Sherlock Tribute

Kill All Your Friends title card

Behold – the apotheosis of my genius!

And now for the story of how this was made.

This was a college project, which is part of my Creative Media Production course. The final module before this year’s Christmas holidays was the Music Video Project. The assignment was to create a video for a song of our choice, with two rules: we couldn’t change the music, and everything on screen had to be our own. The clip of Moriarty from The Reichenbach Fall was in there as I thought I could get away with, given the way I did it.

Anyway, I chose the song Kill All Your Friends, since I noticed its lyrics were very similar to the events of Sherlock, and submitted my proposal as recreations of that show to the lyrics, based on what events they match. Then came the boring storyboard process, which I would show you, but I can’t be asked, and wouldn’t if I could, to scan in fifty pages of sub-amateur Benedict Cumberbatch fanart. After that came location planning and equipment booking, before the edit happened. It was actually a rather average production process.

Overall, I liked the process of making it, and I’m already planning my next music video. This will be inspired by a cinema character, except I hope to take it up a step by singing it myself (since it will be my own project, so I won’t need to keep the song unaltered). I won’t what say song it is until I release it (unless I change my mind), but before that, I hope to share another thing I once made from pre-blog days. That also artistically interprets a television show…


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