Doctor Who Magazine 2014 survey

The final issue of Doctor Who Magazine this month (December 2014) featured their annual survey of episodes broadcast this year. Here’s what I had to say…


Episode ratings out of ten:

Deep Breath (Steven Moffat): 8

Into the Dalek (Phil Ford/Steven Moffat): 7

Robot of Sherwood (Mark Gatiss): 10

Listen (Steven Moffat): 8

Time Heist (Stephen Thompson/Steven Moffat): 4

The Caretaker (Gareth Roberts/Steven Moffat): 8

Kill the Moon (Peter Harness): 2

Mummy on the Orient Express (Jamie Mathieson): 7

Flatline (Jamie Mathieson): 8

In the Forest of the Night (Frank Cottrell-Boyce): 2

Dark Water/Death in Heaven (Steven Moffat): 9

Last Christmas (Steven Moffat): 8


Personal favourites

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Director: Paul Murphy

Male guest star: Tom Riley, Ben Miller, Nick Frost

Female guest star: Faye Marsay, Maureen Beattie, Natalie Gumede

Villain: The Sheriff of Nottingham, the Master, Control Node

Monster: Mechanicals, Kantroffari, Cybermen

Special effects: The Boneless, Dark Water, attack of the carpet

Musical score: Robot of SherwoodLast ChristmasDeath in Heaven

What next: Mark Gatiss’ Jane Austen episode, another likeable Christmas special and another two-part finale.

DWM's promotional image of the survey.
DWM survey 2014

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