BBC features – Friday 9 to Sunday 11th January 2015

Love title card

Saturday 10th January 2015

06:00 Apache Territory (Frank L Moss/Charles R Marion/George W George)

Western. Cowboy Logan Cates (Rory Calhoun) is caught travelling through Apache territory. He must fight his way out and rescue a woman on his way.


07:10 Private’s Progress (John Boulting/Frank Harvey)

Lighthearted comedy about an upper-crust chap who joins the army and has problems coping with the regimented lifestyle. He soon becomes known as a misfit, only to find a little salvation in the form of his uncle, who has been looting German art treasures from behind enemy lines.


08:45 The Maggie (William Rose)

An Ealing Studios comedy-drama from 1954 depicting a clash of cultures between a hard-nosed American businessman and a crafty Scottish sea captain, inspired by Neil Munro’s stories of the Vital Spark and her captain Para Handy. The Maggie is a small, ageing Clyde puffer boat and her Captain, the wily Mactaggart, is desperately in need of £300 to renew his license. A chance meeting at a shipping firm office leads to a mistaken commission to transport furniture for an American businessman, Calvin B Marshall. On learning of the reality of how his goods were being transported, Marshall takes matters into his own hands. A plane and car chase ensues with numerous colourful adventures en-route to the Maggie’s final destination.


13:45 The Ipcress File (Bill Canaway/James Doran)

Spy thriller in which an agent is assigned to investigate a bizarre brain drain among scientists, and finds himself embroiled in a world of espionage where nobody can be trusted and nothing is what it seems. Based on the novel by Len Deighton, it has spawned two sequels.


21:00 Marvel’s The Avengers (Joss Whedon)

Comic book action adventure. The director of peacekeeping agency S.H.I.E.L.D. gathers an elite team of superheroes including The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor when the Norse god’s evil brother steals a cosmic cube from an underground base. The group must work together to protect the Earth from the leader of an extraterrestrial race and it’s army intent on harnessing the cube’s power.


22:00 The Other Boleyn (Peter Morgan)

A passionate story of love, rivalry and a family torn apart by ambition, based on Philippa Gregory’s novel. Against the epic backdrop of a defining period in English history, this is an intimate study of a relationship between a man and two sisters: the youngest replaces her sister in the man’s affections, starting a chain of events that lead ultimately to her death. The man is Henry VIII, King of England, and the two sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn. Mary is the first to catch the King’s eye, but is cast aside in favour of the dazzling Anne, whose passionate nature and relentless pursuit of the crown propel her towards her doom.


Sunday 11th January 2015

00:40 Lady Caroline Lamb (Robert Bolt)

Caroline Ponsonby, the highly strung daughter of Lord and Lady Bessborough, rushes into marriage with William Lamb, Viscount Melbourne. Growing bored with her placid husband, Caroline is drawn to the undeniable charms of fledgling poet George Byron and they begin a torrid affair, but since neither of them are prepared to play to the rules of Regency high society, their indiscretion leads to tragedy.


01:20 Kevin and Perry Go Large (Dave Cummings/Harry Enfield)

Comedy featuring characters from Harry Enfield’s sketch programmes. Kevin and Perry, the ultimate stroppy teenagers and aspiring DJs, are fed up with their ‘virgin’ status. They want action, so they decide to head to Ibiza, which they believe is home to the best clubs and carefree sex. There’s just one catch: Kevin’s parents want to come too.


02:40 Love (William Eubank)

Drama. An astronaut finds himself stranded on a space station in a constant orbit around the Earth. Contact with the outside world is impossible.


06:10 Shrek 2 (Andrew Adamson/Joe Stillman/J. David Stem/David N. Weiss)

BBC One Animated sequel following the grumpy ogre and his bride as they head for the land of Far Far Away to meet her parents. As Shrek contends with his new in-laws, the wicked Fairy Godmother sets in motion a dastardly scheme to scupper his marriage to Fiona. And will any of them survive at the hands of dandy assassin Puss in Boots?

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