Is David Tennant about to announce something?

This is highly unorthodox. This article hasn’t been scheduled, I’ve just written it this evening, because I wanted to wait until as late as possible to gather sources that are available for a Doctor Who-related story that would be of great interest.

There have been reports (reports being rumours considered legitimate enough to warrant sharing on news sites) that the BBC’s Doctor Who brand management team have been trying to keep a secret regarding the tenth anniversary of the New Series, which began airing in 2005. And Tenth Doctor David Tennant is allegedly involved, along with – potentially – previous Head Writer Russell T. Davies.

After the Fiftieth Anniversary Special, Steven Moffat’s The Day of the Doctor, questions were asked as to whether there’d be a tenth anniversary special for the New Series. While everyone’s denied it, mostly because it would be unnecessary, self-indulgent and confusing, the reports, when correlated, make a sort of sense, and would imply that the BBC are going to milk this cash-cow anyway. And all of it could potentially be announced tonight by David Tennant.

Radio Times have interviewed Davies regarding a tenth anniversary special – this is what he had to say:

Someone from the branding team sent me a very lovely email saying do you want to do something.

I don’t know what they imagined: a talk or a convention perhaps. I just said no, to be honest. A programme can’t have its fiftieth and then it’s tenth. I think that’s just confusing. It’s marvellous and glorious; let it carry on.

Which makes sense. But what it shows it that the branding team are still considering doing “something”. It would seem Davies wasn’t given any specific details, just the opportunity to do “something”. Presumably he would have written an episode, maybe a special, or produced one (which basically means doing nothing). Whether a special specifically will happen, the branding team still want to mark the occasion.

Doctor Who TV guest contributor Aiden Gula then wrote an article weighing-up the possibilities, in-which he determined that were there to be multiple Doctors involved, Tennant wouldn’t return due to his appearance in The Day of the Doctor. But that’s forgetting one thing: he’s a huge fan, and he’ll always return if asked. That’s not prostitution, that’s dedication. And the very reason I’m writing this is because, if there’s a tenth anniversary special, he’s the one that’s about to announce it.

Steven Moffat himself has denied it:

Let’s pass on a 10th anniversary special and see the Twelfth Doctor’s arrival as a clean slate, a bold and exciting new era of the show’s history. We’ve only just done the 50th! After the huge fuss over 50 years of Doctor Who, I think it’s time to settle down and move forwards. So we’re not planning that… unless I’m lying.

The problem is, quoting Moffat in anything is meaningless anyway, since he lies all the time. Even when he doesn’t admit it. He lies often enough to make the true things he’s saying hidden, because he’s clever. And for a long time now, I’ve believed him, because I don’t see why he’d want to write another anniversary special. But recent events have made me begin to think that maybe there is going to be something.

Matt Smith has admitted to speaking to Moffat about it:

I spoke to Steven the other day and said, “What’s the quickest one we can do?”

And now, David Tennant himself has been cagey about something. Taking in-mind, this comes out not long after Davies revealed that the Brand team want to do “something”. This is what he’s been getting up to:


On Monday, Tennant featured on The Christian O’Connell Show, during which O’Connell brought-up the subject of him sitting on a secret he was trying to protect. O’Connell then suggested that Tennant was being so secretive because he was waiting to announce it on The Graham Norton Show, which is airing tonight on BBC One HD at 22:35. It’s been rumoured that he’s announcing something stage-related, but he’ll be with Olivia Colman promoting Broadchurch‘s second season.

This could be anything, and it probably will be something else. But it’s extremely suspicious to me that a radio host, who’s in the entertainment industry, knows that David Tennant either can’t talk about something, or is going to announce it. And David Tennant was the first person of the twenty-first century to become nationally famous as a direct result of Doctor Who, and people still identify him in the role, symbiotically. They remember his appearance in The Day of the Doctor, and if anyone were to at least be aware of tenth anniversary plans, it’d be him. Were he to not even appear in it, he’d know, because he has connections. Although if he’s going to be the one to announce it, he probably has a role in it.

In entertainment, this kind of thing happens all the time, but when it’s David Tennant, my paranoid inner-Whovian assumes it must be Doctor Who. Why else would a fuss be made about David Tennant knowing something BIG at around the same time that Davies outs the brand team’s desire of celebrating the event? To me, it seems too imaginable to ignore.


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