David Tennant cast as Zebediah Killgrave in A.K.A. Jessica Jones

Marvel announced today that former Doctor Who star David Tennant is to feature as the A.K.A. Jessica Jones supervillain, the Purple Man, A.K.A., Zebediah Killgrave.


Marvel announced today that former Doctor Who star David Tennant is to feature as the A.K.A. Jessica Jones supervillain, the Purple Man, A.K.A., Zebediah Killgrave.

As I’ve said before, I don’t read comic books. So I’ve no idea who Killgrave is. But the press release, combined with a bit of research from the reaction on social media, tells me he’s literally a purple man that can manipulate pheromones to persuade people to sleep with him, effectively making him a rapist.

One of the first problems that’s come-up in the Marvel fanbase (again, gathered from social media reactions), is that Tennant brings quite the fangirl. Some have criticised the choice for being made simply to attract audiences, which is probably true. But Marvel wouldn’t cast someone on that basis alone, they’ll have done so because he’s also a talented actor at the same time. Part of the anxiety some fans had was that he’d attract tumblrinas, which is also true. Fangirls are everywhere, and they annoy me as well. But luckily, girls like them spend so much money on posters and Kerrang! that they probably can’t afford Netflix. And even then, some people just let other people get to them too much.

Another problem that’s emerged is what I call the John Green Problem. It occurs when a sensitive subject, such as cancer, being blind and other real things that suck, are romanticised to the point that fangirls begin to wish they had those problems in order to live the romantic lifestyle of his protagonists. Honestly, I can’t say the Tennant fangirls won’t romanticise a rapist character, but I also can say I won’t. Their reaction to his character is their problem, not his. And if Killgrave becomes romanticised by girls wishing he could manipulate them into abusive scenarios, then that’s not Tennant’s fault. I for one can say he’s the right choice in any role, and will be able to make sane people hate the character as they’re supposed to.

Of course I’ll be watching. I don’t something just because a certain actor’s in it, but it’s a new superhero show, and I found out about today. I’d have been watching regardless of the cast. And you can definitely expect reviews of it, as you can expect reviews of Daredevil, which will also be on Netflix.

This is a wise choice.

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