The Idiocy of Fans

I saw this article on Radio Times, and would have replied to a comment, but for some reason, the site wouldn’t allow the post to go through. Instead, I’ve decided to post it here just to get my thoughts out of my system. The comment can be seen publically here.


My thoughts on this:

  • (Point one: status as fiction notwithstanding, he doesn’t have a nationality because he isn’t from Earth. The Twelfth Doctor has a Scottish accent, but he isn’t really Scottish. And Peter Capaldi’s only half-British anyway. Personally, I’d prefer someone br cast because they’re a capable actor rather than be sidelined for some amateur Brit like Matt Smith.
  • Second point: popularity and decency aren’t mutually exclusive, he’s in demand because he’s good.
  • And then – point three: I honestly don’t care either way, but most people would probably argue more about, again, status as fiction notwithstanding, the character’s gender than nationality. But then I thought the whole point of this show was that trivial things like that don’t matter. Either way, there are lots of talented actors in the world, and that means there are more than a few females who could do it.)
  • Either way – these were only stories made up by the press to get readers. Not of these were actually true. But this is none of my business…
  • Anyone who thinks the UK consists only of England, Wales or Scotland isn’t qualified to lecture about nationality. And anyway, what makes Australia and Canada better than other non-British countries? I thought we were all one world…

Author: alexsigsworth

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2 thoughts on “The Idiocy of Fans”

  1. Sounds like either a troll, or an uninformed fan, or both. Cumberbatch has already done “Doctor Who” via Big Finish before he hit it big, and he’s already second-generation “Who” royalty thanks to his mom.

    Meanwhile, “Doctor Who” was invented by an American (well, Canadian), its first director was from India, and several other members of the production team in the early years were European Jewish refugees.

    The kind of mentality in this post is analogous to angry Americans who complain about the un-American-ness of it all when people from Puerto Rico (who happen to be US citizens) sing The Star-Spangled Banner (with its English melody) or G-d Bless America (which was written by an immigrant who learned English as 3rd language) at sporting events. Complete cognitive dissonance….

    Fortunately, “Doctor Who” is much bigger than trolls like these.


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