Screenplay by Man of Action and Scott Mosier.

With Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Bomb, I was able to go through the joy of discovering another great TV show. One of those moments where you know you’ll be watching the rest. The UK gets it on Disney XD HD, so I’m probably quite behind, and I’m not even starting at the beginning, but I don’t care, because the thing about Ultimate Spider-Man is that you’re able to join at any time. Even when the show’s in the middle of something important, it doesn’t swamp itself with too much plot, making it perfectly okay to join, while also still having enough of a story to be entertaining.

The “Venom Bomb” in question is part of what makes the show so entertaining – it’s a plan by Norman Osborn to unleash the Venom Symbiote onto the SHIELD Tri-carrier and takeover, in doing-so, infecting Agent Coulson and Agent Fury. So Peter Parker must release Otto Octavius in-order to create a serum that can dispel the symbiote.

There’s lots of characters there, but that’s what makes this show so great. Right now, the Marvel Universe is dominated by cinema, and that’s split into three studios: Sony owns Spider-Man, Fox own Fantastic Four and X-Men, and Marvel Studios own everything else. And since Spider-Man’s the leading Marvel superhero, Sony’s endlessly criticised for owning the character’s live-action rights, as fans feel the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs Spider-Man. How I myself felt about the whole situation was, until watching Ultimate Spider-Man, indifferent. And yet now, seeing the greatest Marvel characters collaborating on something of this nature just shows what kind of story we could be getting but aren’t.

When transporting Octavius to the lab, Parker avoids Venoms by flying, courtesy of Tony Stark’s Iron Spider. Because Marvel Studios own Iron Man, but Sony Pictures own Spider-Man, this kind of thing couldn’t happen in the mainstream. And honestly, this show’s better for it. While cinema continues to be divided and struggles to meet its potential, Ultimate Spider-Man doesn’t have this problem. It’s more unique. It’s like a “what-if” scenario, and is like the Sony/MCU crossover everyone desires right now, but every week.

This is definitely a show I’ll be sticking-with.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Bomb – engaging fantasy with thrilling stakes. 7/10

Published by Alexander Sigsworth

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