Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Chocolate Milk — review

Screenplay by Gabe Liedman.

When we were first introduced to Jake Peralta, we were told he hadn’t learnt how to grow up. In this episode, his case took him to a chocolate milk bar, where he unleashed his obsession with the chocolate-flavoured version, before comparing himself to a child, through-which he speaks to Terry. It’s as if it’s a manifestation of his true childlike mind. Of course, it’s the reason we like him, but this was more of an introspective episode, wrapped in a sitcom filled with cutaway gags. They obviously resemble Family Guy – they don’t contain the same kind of humour as Family Guy – but they still obviously resemble Family Guy. They begin and end before the gags do themselves, and that displace in time triggers laughter.

Of course, the case takes him through the process of being Terry’s “friend friend”, aka “friend”, rather than being his “work friend”, aka “colleague”. And really, his childishness is at the heart of that. Unlike many immature characters, who are obsessed with toilet humour, Peralta’s immaturity leads him to just being a good friend, and caring about someone in the same way that a child might. And then, through the process of being his friend, and being loyal, he gets a responsibility to him, and actually becomes quite grown-up for once. Through all the extremes and complications that occur, he never abandons Terry and remains devoted to what he has to do. Honestly, to someone who’s been following this show since its inception, it was a really good moment to see him actually take up that opportunity, and by the end of it, you like him twice as much as you already did.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Chocolate Milk – beautiful character development, rewarding experience. 8/10

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