Should the Doctor appear in The LEGO Movie 2?

In a YouTube video, LEGO(R) Ideas revealed the twelfth proposal to be approved for manufacture as Doctor Who and Companions, which is due to materialise with its base release later this year.


In a YouTube video, LEGO(R) Ideas revealed the twelfth proposal to be approved for manufacture as Doctor Who and Companions, which is due to materialise with its base release later this year.

Which immediately made me set my mind on one possibility: the Doctor as being in The LEGO Movie 2. If the first can feature characters from DC Comics, Middle Earth and Star Wars, the sequel can have the Doctor. That’s a brand. It even has its own branding team. Plus, I’m convinced to the point of paranoia that the BBC are working on adapting the show for cinema anyway. I’m not saying it would be a good idea, but that’s another rant for another time, though one of the reasons is because Doctor Who is much lesser-known in the United States than the cinematic franchises placed in The LEGO Movie.

In fact, part of the gag of the Doctor being there could be most people not recognising him, but him still being known worldwide. Or something like that. Maybe, I dunno. There’s already enough criticism of The LEGO Movie for being too gimmicky and commercial, so maybe the BBC should keep out of this? After all, they’d hardly want to negotiate the rights for the character to someone they didn’t own or trust. It’s taken this long for them to negotiate with the LEGO(R) Group just to finalise their license, but it’s unlikely to cover cinema.

The BBC understand how valuable Doctor Who is to them. If it’s going to be in cinemas, they’ll likely want a co-production between BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Films and a distribution from BBC Worldwide. Everything done in-house, with all parties being their own divisions. They get complete control, and ultimately the gross goes straight to the corporation, which they can circulate into the show’s own budget. Ownership means everything to them, and I just can’t see them inserting a foreign element into that by including it in a production created and promoting third parties. Stacking it up against those other properties would make it look insignificant. By having the show featured in one of the most popular semi-commercials of all time would give them everything to lose.

Plus, there’s also the question of whether LEGO(R) even believe in its potential to be recognised in such a production based on one release. Everything in The LEGO Movie had been in the brand for a long time, and had their own series.

Plus, if this Variety article’s anything to go by, it seems that the LEGO(R) Group are collaborating with Detective Comics to produce a solo Batman release in the LEGO(R) format. He’s certainly the most popular LEGO(R) video game character, and has that kind of potential to the LEGO(R) Group, not just the character’s owners. Even if the BBC wanted the Doctor to be included, they’d have to be pretty persuasive for the LEGO(R) Group to pay for the rights just to feature them in LEGO(R) productions alone, and they’d need to believe they could syndicate the character across their other products, like video games. Now I’d love to see LEGO(R) Doctor Who: the Videogame, but that could only happen as a result of the character’s cinematic success, because cinema beats video games, that’s just the way of entertainment right now. Grand Theft Auto V‘s only an anomaly at this point. Financially, it just wouldn’t work.

(It sounds like I’m semi-ranting, and that’s because I am. I had a long day at college studying brand promotion – not as boring as it sounds – which I finished with an entire tube of fruit pastels, so I’m on a sugar-high branding-rant.)

It would appear there are just too many reasons for it not to happen. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

My question here is… should it happen? And how would you react? Sound-off below…

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