Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Sophia — review

Screenplay by Trisha McAlpin and Jason Phillips.

Credit for this episode should really go to Eva Longoria as Sophia. We’re already familiar with Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, so an episode pairing him with a new character requires a new actor. There are lots of those, but the good opportunity about a one-time character is that a familiar face can be cast as the guest star, and Longoria definitely is, having built her career on arguably Desperate Housewives. Bringing her into this episode gives it the tone of a romantic comedy, and the plot development resembles one: a detective testifying in court finds his suspect’s attorney to be the woman he slept with the previous night. The best way to write television is to know that you’ve just used an idea with Hollywood potential.

The thing is, if Jake and Sophia really were a romcom on its own, it might not work, because it includes all the formulaic kind of conventions to be expected from that genre: known faces to attract audiences, with an interesting premise that usually tends to not follow-through on itself. But that’s the good thing about making it a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode – there’s that familiarity to ground the story, and force it to actually do something. And it really pays-off.

Plus, Holt’s able to guess why Santiago was, for the first time, late. Which proves how good of a boss he is.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Sophia — genre experiment with familiar grounding 6/10.


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