The Incredible Hulk: Equinox — review

Screenplay by Andrew Schneider.

This isn’t the first episode of The Incredible Hulk, but it’s the first I’ve seen. Horror Channel are rerunning the series, and I tuned in when this episode was being broadcast.

So what did I make of it?

This show has potential, I’ll give it that. There’s no denying that the concept of it works, and it’s looks like something Marvel’s own recent adaptations of it have used. It’s a simple yet bittersweet format whereby Hulk (brought to life by Lou Ferrigno with a different actor for the Human form) is travelling the country to allow the world to think he’s dead, pursued by a reporter convinced otherwise. He helps people on his travels, with the Hulk proving a force for good. So that’s nice. But this episode’s execution does seem very… planned. Normally, narratives make sense in retrospective, but events around characters seem random, and controlled by other people. It’s called “conflict”. Here, everyone acts as if they’re in on an inside joke that they have to stick to for the audience to be fooled.

The episode takes-place around the framing of an equinox party celebrating the changing of the season. The masks were quite pretty, and the atmosphere was welcoming. You as the audience felt as if you wanted to be a part of it. Hulk’s role was what made it all seem pre-planned, as if nothing were surprising to these characters. There are two “Hulk-outs”, followed by him then moving-on to pastures new, just escaping McGee’s exploitation of him. And cue Lonely Man.

World-building is something that isn’t very important in urban fiction, but it’s still there. The world-building in this case seems very accidental – it’s like the characters here wake-up, realise it’s their turn to be the location of the next two “Hulk-outs”, and go along with it as every other location has. But there’s something at least minimally likeable about it, because the acting still has a heart and the period is played-up as much as possible with a style that’s at least stylish. And for me, that’s just a feeling, but it’s what I take from my initial viewing of the show. For all I know, this could be episode-specific. Next week could be completely different.

The Incredible Hulk: Equinox — resembles standard execution of pre-planning 6/10.

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