Written by Nick Spencer.

I really don’t know what to make of Ant-Man. I won’t pretend I wasn’t reading it just because of Ant-Man being released later this fortnight, because that is the reason. But there’s something about it which just doesn’t click with me.

It’s hard to tell when the character’s being ironic and when he’s just being stupid. There was a moment when the words “pew” appeared on screen because Darren Cross was firing lasers at him. As Ant-Man was running away, he then said “pew?” as if commenting on the artist’s choice of splash text. But Ant-Man isn’t known for breaking the fourth wall like Deadpool, so it came-across as being not unfunny or lame, but just weird.

And then there’s the pace. This issue felt like the conclusion to something else, and I’m told that it is. A letters page is featured, and long-term Ant-Man Vol. 2 readers seem to enjoy it, and I can’t judge this one issue on previous issues I haven’t read. But even without that prior information, it still goes too fast. It’s as if it’s all in a rush to get to the finish line, rather than progressing the story at the pace it needs.

The cover shows Ant-Man going inside Cassie Lang’s bloodstream to fight a virus, and that’s a really ingenious use of the Ant-Man concept. But it’s there for like, one scene. It’s as if everything’s been crammed-in to a seven minute issue that would have much better served with each idea being given its own place.

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