To be written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan.

After a report in The Hollywood Report, Star Wars have announced a Han Solo anthology will be released after Episode VIII. Here’s my take on the matter:

Gotta say, I’m skeptical that so much time, effort and money’s being spent on an origin story for a character we already know. The problem with origin stories is that they have a fixed ending, so everything that happens risks being a check-list to get to that point. And since we know that ending, there’s no tension. Prequels need to justify their existence more than sequels because they take a franchise to a place we’ve already been, whereas stories are best told when they keep moving forwards and adding to the myth rather than trying to find something interesting in what we already know. Say the Prequel Trilogy didn’t exist – does a Darth Vader prequel sound interesting? Does the idea not remove an element of mystery from the character? The worst kind of prequels are the ones that are just expanded footnotes of the main story.

That said, anything can work if it’s done right. And I highly doubt that people who are such fans of Star Wars would enter into something in which they didn’t have complete faith that it would be a worthy investment for the audience and would enrich the Star Wars story. I hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine but then again I really liked X-Men: First Class. It really comes down to whether the story’s worth telling. Unfortunately, we can only know that after it’s been told. I’m told that The LEGO Movie and the Jump Street franchise are very good, and the only director a film needs is a good one, but the question with Lord and Miller is; is it the right choice to give them a prequel to something else or let them do their own thing? They’re Star Wars fans, and they’re the ones that accepted the offer, but how will this affect 23 Jump Street? Does doing a prequel take attention away from that other thing? Now I care more about Star Wars than Jump Street (I’ve never seen them), but it’s a relevant industry question. It could turn out to be a good thing – either 23 Jump Street gets new directors that are even better or it’s pushed-back and turns out to actually be Spider-Man 3.

It could work as a Netflix series, but then where would that stop? Why an Anthology? At one point does an idea go from being Expanded Universe to a film?

Really, my anticipation levels for this will be mostly influenced by the objective quality of Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One.

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