Between Thursday and Sunday, entertainment companies flocked to the Comic-Con convention centre in San Diego to bring press exclusives regarding comic books. A lot of people accuse Comic-Con of no longer being just about comic books, and so for the purpose of this blog, only announcements relating to properties originating in comic books have been included.

Here’s what happened at Comic-Con this year…



  • Junk Food sold a new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-themed T-shirt each day.
  • New details were released for The Dark Knight III: the Master Race.
  • MAD Magazine announced Spy vs. Spy: an Explosive Celebration, an anthology of old and new Spy vs. Spy stories.
  • The Art of the Brick announced that their DC Comics show would debut at Sydney.
  • New DC Comics-inspired collectible statues were unveiled.
  • DC Universe Original Movies announced an adaptation of Batman: the Killing Joke.
  • Miniseries Justice League: Gods and Men was announced. Each one-shot issue will focus on a different hero during the Darkseid War: BatmanSupermanGreen LanternFlash and Shazam!.
  • Coming of the Supermen was announced, a story in-which three New Kryptonian heroes assist Superman in defeating Darkseid.
  • Superman: American Alien was announced, a limited series revealing the key moments of Superboy’s early life.
  • An update on Superman’s life since Truth was given, leading-into sequel Justice.
  • To celebrate Robin‘s diamond jubilee, new series starring the character were announced: Grayson, Robin: son of BatmanWe are Robin and Batman & Robin Eternal. A Robin mask was available to print online for the chance to win a family prize pack.
  • Arrow season four announced the casting of Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk and revealed a new costume for Green Arrow.
  • The Flash season two announced the casting of Teddy Sears as the first Flash, Jay Garrick and Shantel VanSanten as Patty Spivot.
  • Supergirl announced the casting of Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord.
  • Three Convergence spin-offs were announced: Superman: Lois and ClarkTelos and Titans Hunt.
  • Multiversity spin-offs were announced, including Multiversity too: the Flash.



  • New lines were announced:
    • October:
      • The Twilight Children
      • Survivor’s Club
      • Clean Room
      • Art Ops
    • November:
      • Unfollow
      • Slash and Burn
      • Red Thorn
      • Jacked
    • December:
      • Sheriff of Baghdad
      • New Romancer
      • Lucifer
      • Last Gang in Town


  • The return of the Dakota Universe was announced – a universe created to feature progressive characters and storytelling.

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