“Beyond the Planetary Shores” – a Doctor Who fan film/trailer

So a while ago I made my own Doctor Who trailer. And not the kind that involves editing together pre-existing clips, though they are very good.

No, I scripted and storyboarded my own montage of shots that would play over narration forming a Doctor Who trailer. The strange thing is, there’s nothing particularly Whovian about it until the latter half. The first half is… well, it’s pretentious. That’s the only way of describing it. It’s all philosophy and arty imagery. But what I wanted to do was to make a video from the Doctor’s perspective. How must it feel to be him? The format of being a trailer gave me the freedom to include things that might not fit together narratively, but could be shown in a montage. I didn’t really consider what the story might be, but it was made in the build-up to the Fiftieth Anniversary, so there are a lot of things in there.

Most of what I contribute to the Internet is in this blog, which doesn’t tend to involve me on a personal level. So, considering that – this is what I look like, if you haven’t seen my videos before. That’s my real voice as well. I know, weird isn’t it? It’s like seeing a radio DJ in person. It’s just disappointing.

Either way. Enjoy, or don’t. And take the effects with the same pinch of salt you’d give the actual series.


Author: alexsigsworth

Basically... run.

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