"Screenplay, Structure, Story", in-which single dramas are analysed for their pace and narrative.

Theoretical structure:

Duration: 125 minutes

Act I: 0 – 35 minutes

  • Introduce Peter Parker: 0 – 10 minutes
  • Introduce Otto Octavius 10 – 20 minutes
  • Establish conflict: 20 – 30 minutes
  • Plot point I: 30 – 35 minutes

Act II: 35 – 100 minutes

  • Synthesis between Parker and Octavius: 35 – 95 minutes
  • Plot point II: 95 – 100 minutes

Act III: 100 – 125 minutes

  • Conflict resolution: 100 – 120 minutes
  • Ending: 120 – 125 minutes

Actual structure

Act I (minute 3 – 55)

Introduce Peter Parker (minute 3 – 20)

First seen delivering pizzas after a brief monologue. His secret life as masked vigilante Spider-Man gets in the way of his personal life, which is why he’s behind on his education and is still planning his fusion paper on Otto Octavius. On his birthday, his friend Harry Osborn tells him that Oscorp’s working with Octavius on his new fusion project. That night, Mary-Jane Watson tells him she’s in a relationship now.

Introduce Otto Octavius (minute 20 – 24)

Osborn introduces Parker to Octavius, and tells him that his record shows he should work harder and use his intelligence more. Octavius shows Parker how his fusion reactor works, which could provide renewable power for the whole world. He also tells Parker that if he loves Watson, he should tell her, and suggests impressing her with poetry.

Establish conflict (minute 36 – 49)

Parker reads poetry while dry-cleaning his Spider-Man costume, which he wears when intervening in a police chase, which makes him late for Parker’s show. He calls her that night and tries to apologise. but can’t confess to being Spider-Man. Parker and Osborn attend the press demonstration of Octavius’ fusion reactor, which he controls using “smart arms” connected to his brain maintained by an inhibitor chip. They allow him to endure conditions above Human tolerance. He activates the fusion reactor using tritium. The fusion reactor overloads and breaches containment, attracting all metals. Parker attempts to intervene, but Octavius knocks him aide. The fusion reaction destroys the inhibitor chip, before Parker stabilises the reactor. Octavius is taken to hospital, where arms kill the doctors. Octavius awakens to the horror of what he’s done and runs away to the river, where the arms convince him to finish the project by rebuilding the fusion reactor. He’s persuaded to acquire the money he needs, which he can only do by stealing it.

Plot Point I (minutes 49 – 55)

Parker and his Aunt May are sorting Uncle Ben’s life insurance, when Octavius rips open the bank vault. The arms make him unstoppable, and he starts throwing money bags at Octavius. The fight moves outside, where Octavius kidnaps May. He gets away as Parker saves her, and they brawl on the wall of the bank and across the city. Octavius withdraws, and becomes separated from Parker.

Act II (minute 55 – 116)

Synthesis (minute 55 – 108)

At an event held for Watson and her boyfriend, John Jameson, Parker recites the poetry he read. At that event, Jameson announces his engagement to Watson. Octavius has now begun rebuilding his new fusion reactor. Parker’s powers are disappearing, and he decides he needs a strong focus on what he wants, and renounces Spider-Man. He begins to feel happier and his grades improve. He attends Watson’s show, and talks with her afterwards about their relationship. She tells him that she’s happy with Jameson. The new fusion reactor’s complete, and Octavius makes a deal with Osborn – he’ll give Osborn Spider-Man if Osborn gives him more tritium. Parker and Watson talk-over their relationship in a cafe, where Watson tells him that she thinks she might love him after all, while Parker thinks he might actually not love her after all. Octavius has found Parker, and kidnaps Watson. Parker returns to Spider-Man, and chases Octavius through the city, where they battle once more. Octavius distracts him by sending a train out of control. Parker stops it running off the rails, but exhausts himself in the process. Octavius takes Parker to Osborn, who gives him more tritium. Osborn tells Parker where Octavius’ layer is.

Plot Point II (minutes 108 – 116)

Parker confronts Octavius, who’s completed the fusion reactor. Watson’s freed, and Parker and Octavius duel. The fusion reactor overloads (again), and fries the smart arms in the water of Octavius’ river warehouse. Parker convinces Octavius to drown the fusion reactor in the warehouse. Octavius takes control of the smart arms himself. Parker reveals his Spider-Man identity to Watson and saves her from falling debris. They both confess their mutual love of each other, while Octavius drowns with the fusion reactor in the lake.

Act III (minutes 116 – 125)

Plot resolution (minutes 116 – 121)

Octavius redeemed and the fusion reactor destroyed, Parker reconciles with Watson, who understands why she mustn’t love someone living a dangerous double life. Jameson comes to rescue Watson, as Parker departs into the night. Osborn discovers his father’s layer before attending Watson and Jameson’s wedding.

End (minutes 121 – 125)

At her wedding, Watson’s still reconsidering. She abandons Jameson at the alter and runs to Parker’s apartment and declares her commitment to him. Parker’s called away as Spider-Man and swings through New York to his next adventure as Watson looks on anxiously.

Published by Alexander Sigsworth

Writing about Herobrine in The Characters That Define Us at Normal Happenings. Profile photo chosen for Gamers Blog Party: Summer 2019 at Later Levels. Known as the Purple Prose Mage at the Well-Red Mage.

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