My Original Companion idea

It’s been finally confirmed that Doctor Who’s thirty-fifth season will end with the departure of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. While I’m not really going to make a judgement about it until after it’s happened, I’m mostly positive about it, if only for the inevitable change apparent in Doctor Who.


It’s been finally confirmed that Doctor Who‘s thirty-fifth season will end with the departure of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. While I’m not really going to make a judgement about it until after it’s happened, I’m mostly positive about it, if only for the inevitable change apparent in Doctor Who.

But before that – here’s a companion I’ve created myself. Maybe I could use her when I’m writing Doctor Who one day…

Jessie Heath

Born in the Territory of Montana on 26th May 1864, the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Ned Heath, and a house wife, Jenny, as the middle of three children. Jenny was working as a secretary at Ned’s property development enterprise, which is how they met. They married in 1863. Jessie had a happy childhood living on Ned’s farm, which gave her plenty of space to explore and make adventures for herself, most of which involved running in the long grass on Sunday evenings when she wasn’t working as an extra farm hand. Jessie didn’t particularly like this childhood, but found a way to enjoy it – an attitude she’s carried with her. She had a good relationship with Ned, so long as she always obeyed him, even though he never respected her ambition of travelling the territories – he prefers she stay on the farm and work there instead. But nevertheless, she moved-on from her home and set up a lodgings above the saloon in a small American frontier town. This is where Jessie writes a diary of the events of the town, but exaggerated as fantasy, combined with her own childhood nostalgia. Drained of resources, residents work as many professions as possible, and have learnt not to be choosy. Discovering that her dream wasn’t necessarily to be, Jessie at first attempted to live off the town through theft, and even killed the sheriff when discovered, leaving her with a limp. This earned her a position of respect, and the mayor saved her from hanging by persuading Jessie to turn her skills into something positive, appointing Jessie the new Sheriff. Jessie prefers not to kill criminals – instead, bringing them to justice in the hopes of making them a better person, and always attempts to help criminals reform, rather than being killed. That’s why she votes democrat, as opposed to her father’s republican views (explaining his large property). Jessie’s second part-time job is as a barmaid for the saloon (part of the living agreement). When Jessie’s not busy, she’s a pleasant but private person. But when Jessie is busy, she becomes the boss of those around her, which she considers to be her protecting them. Jessie tends to express this protective streak through passive aggression and sarcasm. Jessie’s favourite hobby is star-gazing, especially when everyone else is in the saloon, out of her way. This is from her aspiration to travel the frontier, which Jessie intends to do as soon as she’s got the money together.

Jessie first meets the Doctor when he comes into the saloon as a customer, but now has retrograde amnesia and can’t remember much about himself. Having become Sheriff to help people, Jessie sets it upon herself to help the Doctor remember who he is. As a native of the era, Jessie uses typical cowboy slang, which she often has to explain to the Doctor (who, we discover, is now mentally reset to being so mysterious, he can’t remember most of his past apart from the TARDIS and running away from “somewhere”, to truly free Doctor Who of continuity baggage). As shes help him, he helps her – the limp from her gunfight with the former sheriff is psychosomatic; she desires dangerous situations. It’s the Holmes/Watson scenario.

Over the course of the series, Jessie and the Doctor would discover an illegal slave-trading front with ties to a Sycorax regime to enslave Humanity, find themselves aboard an Enterprise-type ship fighting Sontarans, run from dinosaurs on prehistoric Earth and even duel with the Celestial Toymaker…

What do you think? Does this character work? Are changes that could be made? Feedback would be appreciated.

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