Staplerfahrer Klaus: der Erste Arbeitstag

Staplerfahrer Klaus: der Erste Arbeitstag
Written by Jörg Wagner and Stefan Prehn

Staplerfahrer Klaus: der Erste Arbeitstag (“Forklift Driver Klaus: the First day on the Job) is a spoof of industrial safety videos, showing an exaggerated version of accidents that can occur due to factory malpractice, all of-which can be blamed on Staplerfahrer Klaus. For a ten minute film, it works simply because it’s a great example of threat escalation. You cannot start with a climax, or – say – begin a season by killing most of the characters. Everything has to be worked-towards, and Staplerfahrer Klaus: der Erste Arbeitstag is an example to how to do so, beginning with a small accident caused by common nonsense, before ramping it up to Sam Raimi levels of gore.

And it’s awesome. The best way to make a splatter film with cheap effects is to embrace the cheapness in the style, which kinda makes it more horrific, because it feels consistent with the world of the film while also being darkly comical. It’s just realistic enough, while not being too self-serious, to work on all levels. And the fact that it’s in German makes it funnier and scarier at the same time.

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