Star Wars: Episode 1:The Phantom Menace by George Lucas

It’s seven days until the United Kingdom foreign preview release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens – Episode VII in the saga. At least, officially. There are some midnight screenings, but the official release date is still the 17th. Which is the date I’m sticking with regardless – it makes the counting-down easier. So, rather than going in release order like everyone else, I’m doing it in Episode order. Nyer. Here’s George Lucas‘ screenplay to Star Wars: Episode 1:The Phantom Menace

Nominee: Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay (1999)

Script supervisor: Lisa Vick

Scripts supplied by Sapex Scripts

Star Wars Episode 1The Phantom Menace


Author: the Purple Prose Mage

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: Episode 1:The Phantom Menace by George Lucas”

  1. Interesting how Palpatine is described as a “thin, kindly man” in his first appearance… but, as for Jar Jar, he’s just as bad on the printed page as he was on screen. I still can’t believe that somebody thought this was a good idea …


    1. It was a dumb choice to do a transformation scene to show how he becomes decayed as he was in the Original Trilogy. It would have been much simpler for George Lucas to say that it was a natural degeneration caused by the Dark Side of the Force taking its toll, not some instant change.


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