(Link) Is Joseph J Capriccioso writing for Doctor Who’s season thirty-six?

Following teasers that Doctor Who‘s thirty-sixth season will feature two new “brain-exploding” writers has turned-up a new name: Joseph J Capriccioso. Cult Box posted a page speculating who these writers could be, which was shared by Outpost Skaro’s Eddie McGuigan:

The Who Show responded to this, telling McGuigan that their sources tell them that one of them is Capriccioso.

It turns out, Capriccioso is on YouTube. His username should tell you how much of a fan he is – it’s matrixlord212. This is a video of him talking about his life as a writer, which develops into talking about Doctor Who:

The rest of his videos are speculation vlogs, in particular – this latest one:

Is Capriccioso trying to throw us off the scent? Is he genuinely speculating, without being attached at all? Whoever these new writers are, I’ll be judging them on their episode(s) when it airs. They’d have to hire someone colossally awful for me to judge them beforehand.


Author: alexsigsworth

Basically... run.

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