(Text) Writing should be fun

A Monster Calls’ Patrick Ness posted on tumb1r.:


A Monster Calls‘ Patrick Ness posted on tumb1r.:

And it reminded me that this is a mentality many writers have to writing. But that’s not the way writing should be. It shouldn’t be fun just because of the end result, or the feeling at the end of it. It’s not supposed to be a sprint or a marathon.

And that’s because the amount of fun a writer has when writing at least a novel (not necessarily a screenplay, which is a corporate instruction manual), is reflected in the quality of the novel itself. The reader will be able to tell. I speak from experience – the best books I’ve read are those that I could tell were a fun experience to write, because that mood can be inferred from the text. If a writer has fun writing, it will improve the writing, and that will make for a better reading experience.

Writers don’t need to have fun writing to be a legitimate writer, but it will make them more legitimate. And since writing can be fun, if something isn’t fun to write, it means the writer isn’t enjoying it as much as they could be. And that’s a waste of potential.

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