(Link) Chris Chibnall to take over Doctor Who in 2017?

I originally posted this on 27th December. Looks like I was right!

Alex Sigsworth

A lot of Doctor Who fans noticed the unusually conclusive nature of the latest episode, Steven Moffat‘s The Husbands of River Song. For a writer so popular/infamous for sustaining storylines over multiple seasons, The Husbands of  River Song has been noted for its definite ending, while also concluding the storyline of River Song, his most long lasting character, in a way that directly bookends the final episode Moffat wrote before becoming Head Writer, Forest of the Dead – which established a specific future adventure this episode turned-out to be. The episode ends with the caption “And they lived happily ever after”. Recent comments Moffat made about approaching each Christmas special as his potential last episode, plus the full-circle feel of his tenure on Doctor Who, has lead many to believe that next year’s thirty-sixth season will be his last.

Now, Bleeding Cool is reporting that The Husbands…

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