ScreenRant’s Vic Holtreman on The Pride

John Campea – formerly of The Movie Blog, and now an independent blogger – has published his debut novel The Pride. On Facebook, Campea posted that the first person to receive a completed manuscript of The Pride was ScreenRant‘s Vic Holtreman, on account of Holtreman’s honest critical mind, and dislike of fantasy. The aim was to test whether the story could work for someone unfamiliar with the genre. Campea recently posted Holtreman’s review of debut novel The Pride:

I just read The Pride, the first novel from John Campea, former movie blogger and current YouTube personality. Fantasy is not my genre of choice, but as a friend, I supported his Kickstarter campaign and was surprised when I was the first person he offered to read the freshly completed final draft of his story. He knows I’m honest (and blunt) and would get my unvarnished opinion. So I’m very happy to say that when I called him I was able to tell him he did one heck of job with an engaging, well written, and entertaining book that did not remotely feel like a first novel from a fledgling writer. If you’re a fantasy fan, I recommend it without reservation.


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