Daredevil: Cut Man — motion picture review

Alex Sigsworth

Written by Drew Goddard.

After the first episode, which was more of a tone-setting establisher piece, episode two is where that established equilibrium changes. Yes, it’s the standard Hero’s Journey formula, but as I’ve always said (well, not always said, but you catch my drift), there’s nothing wrong with formula if a writer can be playful with it. After Into the Ring ended with Daredevil about to embark into his first major fight, this episode literally begins with him in a skip, making the plot of this about his climb back up to a standing position and ready to take it again.

One of the things I like the most about this series is the non-linear storytelling, as we’re shown flashbacks to Daredevil’s childhood as a parallel narrative. Sometimes it’s from before he became blind, sometimes after. But the plot structure of the show is like a boxing film. 

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