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I don’t normally tend to do these, because it might feel excessive for my readers. But for some reason I just need to nerd-out today. Thanks to Kat@The Impossible Girl Blog for posting it.


I don’t normally tend to do these, because it might feel excessive for my readers. But for some reason I just need to nerd-out today. Thanks to Kat@The Impossible Girl Blog for posting it.

Totally should’ve… gotten a sequel

212b6ae49909af0ba86e4e8ab90b295aBorn to Run (2011) by Michael Morpurgo tells the story of Best Mate living through numerous masters. It is, quite simply, heartbreaking. Best Mate’s first chronicled master is schoolboy Patrick, but is kidnapped, escapes and is passed by fate through many others, until a reunion with Patrick, some years later, who doesn’t recognise him any more. Nobody crafts emotion like Morpurgo, my favourite author. Born to Run ends with Best Mate owned by a fisherman, with the line “we were just fine”. But I want to know what happened next…

Totally should’ve… had a spin off series

COB_cover.pngCity of Bones (2007) is the first appearance of Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. When Magnus met Alec, Magnus immediately flirted with Alec, who thought Magnus was already in a relationship with Jace, only making Magnus more unsure about Alec. Magnus then saved Alec, prompting Alec to personally thank Magnus. This lead to Magnus giving Alec his first kiss, and they started dating. Magnus’ favourite combination is black hair and blue eyes – which Alec has. At first, their relationship was secret, but other characters discovered it some weeks afterwards. After some time, Magnus came to truly love Alec, accepting that Jace was irrelevant. During the Mortal War, Alec came-out officially by kissing Magnus before the battle of the City of Glass. After the war, Alec travelled away from the City of Glass with Magnus, despite the disapproval of Alec’s father (2008)(2009). Magnus’ immortality caused Alec to worry about what would happen to the relationship – Magnus had dated others over the centuries, who’d all died in time. Alec failed to find way to become immortal, and instead tried to make Magnus mortal. Magnus considered this a betrayal, and broke-up with Alec. Alec tried to reconcile with Magnus, which were all rejected by Magnus, apart from Magnus kissing Alec before returning to the City of Glass. Magnus was kidnapped by Sebastian, and Alec journeyed to Hell to rescue Magnus. Their relationship affirmed, Magnus gave Alec a book that told the story of Magnus’ life. Magnus had already considered become mortal anyway, wanting to find someone worth dying-for. Magnus had been through hundreds of heartbreaks, but was more scared than anything by the thought of Alec being one of them(2014).

So, um… of course I want a spin off! Do it as a romantic comedy drama, like Supernatural, but without the ambiguity. Cassandra Clare, I await The Lightwood & Bane Chronicles please.

Author who totally should’ve… written more books


John Green announced a while ago that’s taking a break from social media to focus on writing more (2015). Good.

A character who totally should’ve… ended up with someone else


Scott Pilgrim first met Knives Chau on a bus when Knives dropped a pile of books. Their six-year age gap wasn’t a problem for them since their relationship functioned around Scott listening to Knives talking about what had happened that day. When discovering that Scott’s in a band, Knives developed Scottaholism. After meeting Romana Flowers, Scott became increasingly distant from Knives (2004). Scott breaks-up with Knives, who stalks Scott and discovers Ramona. Knives blames Ramona for stealing Scott and realises that Scott must be won back(2005). Knives and Ramona develop a complicated relationship – Knives hates Ramona, but also wants to keep Ramona happy to keep Scott happy(2006). Knives still loves Scott unconditionally(2007). Eventually,  Knives and Ramona fight until Knives decides to tell Ramona that Scott cheated on them both, which Ramona ignores(2009). When Ramona disappears, Knives still loves Scott but no longer likes Scott. They kissed for a while, but it was “a horrible feeling”. Knives then departed for university(2010). So basically, Scott ends-up with Ramona, who’s clearly a control freak, instead of Knives, who is the personality of true love that basically worships Scott. What?

Totally should’ve… had a movie franchise

71hsr+mYnZL.jpgThe Wreck of the Zanizbar. It’s set in 1907/1908 on the Scilly Isles and is the most engrossing depiction of another time that I’ve ever read. It may only be a book about a small family issue, but it made me want to be there with the characters. Plus, it’s written in first person, which helped. It actually feels like I’m reading the protagonist’s diary, because it’s presented in a cursive typeface and is even prologued and epilogued with Morpurgo receiving the diary in the protagonist’s will. If it can be as good as War Horse, that’s enough justification.

Totally should’ve… had a TV show


Watchmen was adapted into a film directed by Zack Snyder and was terrible. But during some of earlier proposals, Terry Gilliam was involved, but dropped-out, believing it should instead be a mini-series if it were to accommodate anything from the comic book limited series and still make sense:

a five-hour miniseries is what I think Watchmen should be. Nobody’s ever suggested it as a five-hour miniseries except me. Nobody’s come forward and said, “What a great idea!”.


He was right.

Totally should’ve… had only one point of view


The problem with Stone Cold is that I found myself unable to like either the protagonist or antagonist. Swindells switches between “Link”‘s omniscient narration and “Shelter”‘s diary in a style I’ve dubbed “first-people”. It’s not that first-people doesn’t work, but that it can easily alienate the reader if it isn’t doesn’t well.

Totally should’ve… stopped at book one

alex-rider-operation-stormbreaker-original1.jpgAlexander Rider is a protagonist without a personality. Anthony Horowitz describes Rider using very vague descriptions that could be applied to literally any action hero, and it’s pretty obvious that Rider’s a psychopath. Was this the intention? Was Horowitz trying to deliberately make Rider fit the archetype? Is it meant to be a statement about the genre? Am I supposed to heavily dislike Rider? Either way, Rider’s lack of substance made it hard for me to care about the series, and it totally should’ve stopped after Stormbreaker (2000). It’s a real shame. I want to love it so badly.

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