I won’t go on a rant, because that’s what I’m popular for in some circles. But I do nevertheless have an opinion about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Bruce Wayne is a killer, despite being traumatised by the death of his own parents. He’s not seeking any justice, he’s just an angry psychopath.

Kal-El is killed at the end, because apparently Warner Bros. are bitter about the response to Man of Steel, so have just decided not to do Superman at all.

Diana’s presence is never explained narratively, and is only here for the sake of it, rather than because she’s an actual character.

Other members of the Justice League are seen on screens, in one of the most contrived pieces of franchise-set-up I’ve ever seen come out of Hollywood.

Lex Luthor pissing in a jar is an important plot point.

The problems in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice don’t even need analysing, because they’re presently explicitly. This is a film for people who can’t make those connections themselves based on implications. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t about Kal-El, or Wayne, or Diana. And I’d hesitate to even say it’s adapted from comic books. The worst part is, Warner Bros. aren’t even trying to convince us that’s the case. Nothing here is true to anything, there’s no context to its content. This might just be the laziest big-budget spectacle ever produced. Wayne is a casual killer, because it’s more convenient for the storytelling. The DC logo is presented at the beginning to convince us that these characters are more than just labels added for an attempt at depth. Warner Bros. are only interested in releasing a film with DC characters, but that’s as far as it goes. They simply aren’t committed-enough to do it properly. DC needs to be dark to rival Marvel’s light, so instead they’ll just hire a director who almost completely closes the aperture while characters kill each other aimlessly. They’re a studio of aesthetic, nothing more. But there should be more; a film isn’t dark just because you shamelessly exploit the memory of 9/11. And the worst part of it is, I can’t fall to either side. This is straight down the middle. There’s very little to review – and that’s the real failure. Hopefully I’ll be able to forget about it. Snyder has said everything he wants to say about these characters, to the point of exhaustion. So there’s nothing I can say about them that hasn’t already been said everywhere else. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – a film featuring characters called Kal-El and Bruce Wayne, and Diana is there because reasons.

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  1. Similar experience, I saw this in a packed theater in Downtown Brooklyn (usually a great place to gauge audience reactions) on Sunday morning. There was no reaction to anything for any of the (seeming) 7 hours of running time. A pin drop, you could have heard. Literally more excitement when I took my kid to that theater to see “Monkey Kingdom”. And… seriously, Lex Luthor is designing superhero icons for all the characters in his secret data file? How did he know to label Diana Prince as “WW” and Khal Drogo with the Aquaman “A”? And, yes, Gal Gadot has a nice physique, but, immortal warrior or no, don’t you still want to wear a costume that protects your femoral arteries? And yet, as annoying and broody as the movie was, even all these obvious MST3K-able points went completely ignored by the very bored uadience.

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