Deadline is reporting that representatives of Mr. Right screenwriter Max Landis are circulating a screenplay titled Deeper. Deadline originally reported word of the screenplay being written on 12th November, initially reporting that it’s to be produced by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice screenwriter David S. Goyer‘s production company. In Deeper, a former astronaut is dispatched to an oceanic trench, the lowest point currently discovered on the surface of the Earth. Once inside the trench, the astronaut finds himself psychologically and physically fighting mysterious forces. But the article dated 30th March 2016 reports that preproduction has now begun, after at least ten million dollars was offered by Goyer. Production reportedly begins next year. On the Screenwriting subreddit, Landis confirmed that Deeper‘s screenplay isn’t being currently made available to read online.

This all comes twelve days after Deadline also reported that Landis had sold a screenplay titled Bright, which was purchsed by Netflix for $3M, one of the highest payments given for a screenplay written on speculation of sale. Bright reportedly is being given the budget of the Men in Black films, and is expected to launch a franchise, despite its expected R rating. Netflix’s $3M was the successful bidder over PalmStar, who reportedly offered $4M. Landis is to share producing credit. Suicide Squad‘s David Ayer is attached to direct. A 2nd March Variety article reports that Bright was inspired by Ayer’s own End of Watch, but set in a world where orcs and fairies live among Humans. The article also reports that Bright won’t be set in the present day. Landis also confirmed on Twitter that Ayer’s rewriting the Bright screenplay:

The Bright screenplay is 105 pages long and is currently available to read.

Deeper‘s premise sounds similar to a film Landis pitched on The Schmoes Know Movies Show, which Landis described as not being possible to make or market. If you haven’t watched this pitch, it’s fantastic. Unfortunately, there’s no way for tell you why without ruining the ending:

Landis is represented by Writ Large. Bright‘s sale was represented by William Morris Endeavour.

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