Jack Ryan novels to be adapted for Amazon Prime Instant Video

Jack Ryan
Showrunner: Carlton Cuse


Deadline is reporting that Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels are to be adapted as a series for Amazon Prime Instant Video with Carlton Cuse attached as Showrunner. The report claims Jack Ryan has been ordered straight-to-series with no pilot, and will not be Jack Ryan’s origin story; instead, Jack Ryan will begin with Jack Ryan already working as a Central Intelligence Agent. No green-light has been officially given, but the casting of John Krasinski of Arrested Development season four (Showrunners: Mitchell Hurwitz and Jim Vallely) and BoJack Horseman (Showrunner: Raphael Bob-Waksberg) is understood to be the deal-breaker. Rather than directly adapting the Jack Ryan novels, Jack Ryan is instead a series starring the character in original adventures, but is expected to feature a Jack Ryan who is yet to experience the novels.

Jack Ryan is streaming on Netflix 2017.

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