James Wood to adapt Decline and Fall

Decline and Fall is a novel by Evelyn Waugh, which is being adapted for BBC Two by James Wood. This is the first time Decline and Fall is being adapted for television. Wood’s previous works include Rev, which Wood created. Decline and Fall follows 1920s Oxford University divinity student Paul Pennyfeather, who’s dismissed for indecent exposure following a prank by The Bollinger Club. Pennyfeather then finds employment at the obscure Welsh public school Llanabba, where he starts working with Grimes. One of the Llanabba students’ mother is Margo Beste-Chetwynde, from South America, who meets Pennyfeather. Falling-in-love with her, Pennyfeather volunteers to tutor Beste-Chetwynde’s son over the holidays, but can’t predict the consequences. Star Jack Whitehall said

I am extremely pleased to be a part of this amazing adaptation by James Wood.

BBC Comedy Commissioning Controller Shane Allen said

James has done a terrific job of getting to the core of it, and the writing has attracted a fantastic cast.

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