Peter McKenna, who’s written for CasualtyEastEnders, The Musketeers and Fair City is working on a new series about a community told through the eyes of its law enforcement: Red Rock, for BBC Daytime. Red Rock is set in the eponymous harbour town in Dublin, beginning at dawn, when a body is found in the harbour, re-igniting a crime family feud, as chronicled by the investigations of Garda’s police station. It’s the Hennessys, the traditional mafia business, versus the Keilys, professional petty criminals. Two ends of the crime spectrum fighting amongst themselves, with the local police right in the middle of it. BBC Daytime Controller Dan McGolpin says:

Daytime viewers are in for a treat with Red Rock. It’s a compelling new police drama set in Ireland with plenty of twists and turns.

The characters of Red Rock are Superintendent James McKay, Detective Sergeant Nicky Grogan, Sergeant Angela Tyrell, Sergeant Brian McGonigle, Officer Sharon Cleere, Officer Paudge Brennan, Officer Adrijan Kosos and Officer Sean Holden.

As a daytime series, Red Rock is expected to air 14:15 – 15:00 week-daily, and has been commissioned for 45 episodes, covering 9 weeks.

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