Deadline reports that Deadpool director Tim Miller won’t be directing Deadpool 2. Miller never formally signed a directing contract, but has now declined to officially do so, leaving Deadpool 2 without a director – which Miller was assumed to have been. Miller’s departure was brought-about from creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds made his debut as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (dir. Gavin Hood), as a version of the character that was considered to be such an inaccurate representation that Deadpool was reincarnated into a new continuity in the film that gave Miller his directorial debut. The “proper” incarnation of Deadpool came-about from Reynolds consistently lobbying with 20th Century Fox and campaigning online for a Deadpool film that would get the character right. Part of this campaign involved the leaking of computer-generated test footage, which Deadline attributes to Miller. It’s understood that Miller’s disagreements with Reynolds over Deadpool 2‘s creative direction is what lead to the split; Fox consider Reynolds the Deadpool franchise’s priority – not least because of Reynold’s status as producer. However, Fox are still content with Miller as a director, who’s set to direct another Fox film, Influx, which is hoped to instigate a trilogy.

The Wrap reports that, while Miller and Fox still maintain an amicable relationship, Reynolds and Miller do not, having not spoken since Deadpool was released. Umberto Gonzalez’s report claims that Reynolds’ renewed contract gave him casting approval – specifically of Cable. Miller’s interest in Kyle Chandler has already been reported by insider periodicals, but was not the name Reynolds wanted. Miller allegedly completed Deadpool‘s visual effects for free, and wanted Deadpool 2 to be a “stylized sequel”, while Reynolds wanted to repeat the formula that made Deadpool so successful.

Deadpool 2‘s director is currently unconfirmed.

(Image source: Emergency Awesome)

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