Star Wars: Episode VIII won’t be called “Forces of Destiny”

A long time ago,
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According to report from AVSForumStar Wars production company Lucasfilm has filed the title “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, prompting speculation that “Forces of Destiny” is to be Star Wars: Episode VIII‘s subtitle.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” is registered under Nice Classification 9, which covers “motion picture films”, along with many other products including generic merchandising material.

However, The Independent raises several points against: Lucasfilm has many projects in operation, and “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” could cover any of them, in any media.

Lucasfilm’s lawyers could also be registering titles that are only being considered to prevent them being used by third parties.

But the biggest reason that Star Wars: Episode VIII won’t be titled “Forces of Destiny” is because the Star Wars Episode titling convention wouldn’t allow for that.

The first acts of each trilogy – Episode I for the Prequels, Episode IV for the Originals and Episode VII for the Sequels – are titled “The Phantom Menace“, “A New Hope” and “The Force Awakens“, all of-which are three words with ambiguous meanings.

Contrast this with the first two trilogies’ middle acts – Episode II for the Prequels and Episode V for the Originals – which are “Attack of the Clones” and “The Empire Strikes Back“, four words as literal descriptions.

This naming convention might not have meant so much had “The Force Awakens” not conformed to it, showing that Disney are respecting it.

Thus, Star Wars: Episode VIII won’t be titled “Forces of Darkness“, because it’s three words with an ambiguous meaning, which doesn’t fit for the second act of a trilogy.

Plus, it sounds too much like “The Force Awakens“, and that would confuse audiences.

Star Wars: Episode VII was produced with the working title “Shadow of the Empire“, but that wasn’t the title which was ultimately used.

There’s nothing to say that “Forces of Destiny” isn’t Star Wars: Episode VIII‘s working title, but if that’s true, there’s everything against it being used.

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