How am I doing?

It’s the first day of 2017, so I wanted to take a break for a moment and see how things are doing.

The thing is… I don’t really know what my “thing” is. I like all fiction (when well-written), but that takes many forms, and it’s impossible to follow everything, much as I might try. I recently starting posting about new trailers because I thought that might be something interesting to try, but it’s turned out that it isn’t. The New Year is my favourite time of year, because it’s about getting back into the routine and starting something that I actually intend to finish. Coming-up on my YouTube channel, I’ve got reviews of new films that grab my attention (like Rogue One, that’s still coming) and any books I’ve been reading. But I want to provide my followers here on WordPress with something exclusive. So I thought that I may as well put it out to you…

what is it that you want to see?

This can range from “more of this”, to requests on certain topics.

So what is it? This is your chance, dear followers. What do you want to see?


Author: alexsigsworth

Basically... run.

1 thought on “How am I doing?”

  1. Write about whatever interests *you* at the moment. Writing that the author has a personal stake in, is the best writing. Don’t worry about “meta” posts musing over the future of your blog. It’s YOUR blog, yours alone, so post whatever you wish, whenever you wish it.


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