Avatar, the highest-grossing film, opened in December. It makes sense that Avatar 2 is to open in December if it’s to repeat Avatar‘s success. Avatar 2 is currently scheduled to open in 2018 – the same year that Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is also scheduled to open in May. However, a report from Making Star Wars claims that Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is likely to move to December, which would be consistent with the previous Star Wars films under the Disney regime. If this is true, and Avatar 2 does stick to its release date, the Avatar and Star Wars universes will face-off in the same month’s box office. In the event that the same weekend should be used as the battleground, Star Wars would definitely open at #1 regardless. If 20th Century Fox have any sense, they’d then move Avatar 2 to a few weeks out. Make no mistake, Avatar 2 will happen eventually, but every year, the release date is pushed back by yet another year. Avatar 2 was supposed to open in 2014, and has been pushed back by a year in every year since. But Avatar 2 is coming – becoming the highest-grossing film of all is all the justification that’s needed for making a sequel. While Cameron keeps insisting that Avatar 2‘s constant delays are due to advancing technology, Avatar 2 should’ve been released sooner, while Avatar‘s cultural relevance was still at its height, unlike today. Avatar 2, when released, will be a success, but could’ve already been an even greater success if already released. Expect Avatar 2 to do well, whenever the release turns out to be. But just don’t expect Avatar kind of numbers. Especially if opening in the same weekend as Star Wars.

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  1. Avatar 2 will come out nine years after the original. To put that in perspective, by nine years after the release of the original Star Wars, that movie had already become a trilogy and a cultural gold mine spanning countless books, comics, and toys. Nine years after Avatar the original came out, it’s really not something that’s discussed very much. Avatar 2 will do well but it has no chance of dethroning Star Wars at anything.

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