A few days ago, Deadpool and Wolverine actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (respectively) posted an image of themselves with Pierce Brosnan. This has prompted wild speculation that Brosnan has been cast as Cable, the character that is to be in Deadpool 2 but with no actor officially cast. While fans can sometimes connect dots that they’ve only imagined, it’s not too far fetched to associate Brosnan with at least some role in the X-Men film series, due to the way cast ensemble images are often used to make announcements. Not to mention that Reynolds and Jackman are actively encouraging rumours by providing no context and, more importantly, laughing about it. Of course, it could be that the three of them are working on another project together, but there are currently no upcoming films with Jackman or Reynolds attached. It’s previously been reported that Kyle Chandler would be cast as the character Cable, real name Nathan Summers, but it’s also been noted that the character as illustrated more accurately resembles Brosnan. Reynolds and Jackman have gone on record as being interested in a film which puts Deadpool (Wade Wilson) and Wolverine (James Howlett) together, but have also confirmed that it won’t be Logan – Wolverine’s upcoming spin-off – leaving Deadpool 2 as the next nearest possibility. By proxy, this means that both Reynolds and Jackman would need to be included in whatever film is being teased; if one of them isn’t, there’s no substantial reason to believe that Brosnan would be. There are also the possibilities that they’re teasing the Internet, because they know they can, or that Brosnan has been cast, but as another character, such as Nathan “Mister Sinister” Essex. Essex is due to make his debut in Logan, which could be setting-up a three-way crossover for the trio.

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