“Logan” releases 2nd trailer

Firstly, this isn’t really Jackman’s final film as James “Logan” “Wolverine” Howlett. He’ll be back for that Deadpool team-up film he keeps talking about, which may or not be Deadpool 2.

This trailer continues the theme of Logan resembling an indie film, which implies that the first trailer wasn’t just a cool style choice.

But this also means that Logan must be true to that style in order to not be another generic film that’s made to look deceptively unique by its trailer. That tone makes Logan feel story based, which in turn makes it seem more accessible to casual moviegoers, who may feel distanced from films that form part of a larger cinematic universe. If Logan doesn’t live-up to its advertised tone, the latter scenario risks being the case.

We also see Laura “X23” Kinney being a lot more feral than previously, like a proto-“Wolverine”; what “Logan” would be if he weren’t restrained by how much Humanity he has left.

That and the duo’s jumps resembling each other makes them feel like a well-matched pair – perhaps Logan will like a buddy movie without the comedy.

Of course, the highlight is, as always, Patrick Stewart’s acting. He isn’t in this trailer much, but when he is, he brings the most gravitas to a scene. I suppose you could say that Stewart is the Meryl Streep of male actors.

And finally, the last thing to talk about is that X-Men comic that’s been published about the X-Men’s exploits. This has been a very divisive choice, but I think it works. The X-Men film universe has established that metatextual references can be addressed, because of Deadpool, and this visual cue does that without breaking the fourth wall, which wouldn’t be appropriate for the “Logan” character. Plus, this also sets-up the potential combination of “Logan” with Deadpool (maybe he could see Deadpool in one of the comics and wonder who he is). Some have compared Logan with The Last of Us – a grizzled old man who finds himself caring for a girl and discovering his Humanity as a result. In The Last of Us, Ellie was a comic book reader. It’s consistent, but also knowingly self-deprecating. Not to mention that it separates the films from the comics: the comics are campy and light-hearted,while the films are dark and gritty because they’re grounded in realism. Including that comic reinforces both of them as distinct. The comic shows “Logan” wearing the yellow spandex, but – unpopular opinion – the yellow spandex looks dumb. There’s no real reason for Hugh Jackman to wear it and it not just be because of the source material. Including that comic is an effective way of explaining that difference, by making the audience really consider it. Not only that, but the source material becomes transformed as being the true adaptation, and this adaptation being the true source material. Therefore, the comics invented that costume, and not the other way around. Problem solved. Another problem that doesn’t actually exist is the comics even being published in this world – it’s not unreasonable to assume that the X-Men would have become so legendary to even have comics about them. Plus, it’s a neat way of establishing that the X-Men have all disappeared for that to even be possible.

Logan is released 3rd March.


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