Deadpool was nominated for numerous awards from the members of America’s producers, directors and writers guilds, whom are also members of the Academy – who didn’t nominate Deadpool for anything.

Deadpool had been pushed by the Internet as some kind of comic book film messiah, who can achieve the first Best Picture nomination for a comic book film.

Following Deadpool‘s perceived “snub”, there’s been the suggestion that the Oscars should create a category for Best Comic Book Film.

This is, of course, ridiculous.

There are hundreds of films released every year, and DC, Disney Marvel and Fox Marvel in total release about six films a year.

Only a few indie publishers and “unknown”, non-superhero titles are adapted every few years.

Therefore, there’d already be significantly less competition for a Best Comic Book Film category.

Besides, a good film is a good film, regardless of whether its an adaptation.

Plus, there are too many categories anyway – the Oscars have four different categories for acting: Leading/Supporting Actor/Actress – despite a good performance being a good performance, and no role more or less important than another, and especially not differentiated based on gender.

If a Best Comic Book Film category were to be created, it would be the same as Best Animated Feature – irrelevant.

Animated films do not need special treatment, because film-making is film-making.

Zootopia‘s nomination in Best Animated Feature is a dismissal by the Academy of Zootopia as not counting as a “real” film, despite Zootopia being ranked as 2016’s best reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes.

That said, some animated features have managed to make the Best Picture nomination, which does imply some hope for comic book films.

If those few animated features can make the Best Picture nomination, despite mostly being relegated by the Academy to their own category, surely at least comic book film will also get a Best Picture nomination eventually, too?

The Academy expanded the Best Picture nomination slots from 5 to 10 the year after The Dark Knight wasn’t nominated; and I really believe that had the Academy implemented this Best Picture nomination slot expansion during The Dark Knight‘s eligibility window, The Dark Knight would’ve been nominated for Best Picture, and been the first film based on a DC or Marvel comic book to do so, though whether The Dark Knight would’ve won is a different matter – films do need to be worthy of the awards they win.

Captain America: Civil War should’ve been nominated for Best Picture”

“What about La La Land?”

“I haven’t seen it.”

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