Dawn of the Thirteenth: Day 1

Peter Capaldi is officially out. Showrunner Steven Moffat’s final episode this Christmas will also be Capaldi’s regeneration into the unidentified Thirteenth Doctor. Every day, I’ll be bringing you the latest updates about the hunt for the Thirteenth Doctor. Capaldi was the best of the Doctor Whos of the New Series. Capaldi grew-up with Doctor Who, completely understood the character when he came into it, and has used his acting experience to give one of the best versions of the character that I could’ve hoped for. But times change, and so must he. I was shocked when I found-out he was leaving, but not surprised. I’d expected Christmas to be his final episode, with him having then completed three seasons and the show-runner moving-on; it made sense for this to be the date. I just didn’t expect it to be announced so soon, especially given that Smith’s departure was only announced because the BBC discovered that the press was about to leak it. What we don’t know is when the casting announcement will be made, or how. Make no mistake, the Thirteenth Doctor has either been cast already, or is about to be finalised. Capaldi’s departure would’ve probably been locked last January, during Chibnall’s transition, so they’ll have had plenty of time for it. The Thirteenth Doctor is out there, waiting for their life to change. We’ve entered that strange period, but that’s good. Times like this remind me of why I love being a Doctor Who fan – because this comes around like a circle, and reminds us of how we felt last time this happened, but also that we’ll be in this situation in another few years, having come to know someone who is probably a stranger to us now, that we’re excited to meet. The transcendence of time. I will miss Capaldi, but I’m more excited to find out who’s to replace him. I’d rather look to the future than the past. I’m two-thirds convinced that the Thirteenth Doctor will be another young person – younger, possibly, than Matt Smith. It’s obvious from the way the BBC tried to hip-up Capaldi, by giving him sunglasses and shades. The paranoia that Capaldi’s age was off-putting to too many people. And if a young actor is cast, that will be the BBC’s dismissal of Capaldi as a failure. They want to return to the days of David Tennant and Billie Piper. Personally, I’d choose Steve Coogan, but he’s gone on record as not being interested. And the BBC’s considerable transformation in the past four years leads to suspecting that the first non-white actor could be closer to being cast than ever before.

  • William Russell’s son, Alfred Enoch (28), hasn’t done film work since 2011, and has recently departed How to Get Away With Murder after four years, and could be wanting to find another regular role.
  • Dimitri Leonidas (29) (Howie from The God Complex) mostly does television work, and isn’t currently filming anything.
  • Reece Noi (28) is also a mostly-television actor who’s available right now.
  • Lucien Laviscount (24) has just come away from Scream Queens.
  • Luke Youngblood (30) recently finished Galavant.
  • Gary Carr (30) doesn’t have anything in his filmography since 2015.
  • Malachi Kirby (27) (Gastron from Hell Bent) is free right now as well.
  • Matt Di Angelo (29) (Fitz Kreiner in The Company of Friends) is in the same position.
  • Jason Maza (29) is mostly a producer, but has done some acting work in the past.

In actuality, it’ll probably be someone we’ve never heard of because they’ve only done theatre before. But expect them to look like a model, be most likely male and maybe white.


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