IS Kris Marshall The Doctor?

The Dawn of the Thirteenth, day 4


Death in Paradise star Kris Marshall has announced on Good Morning Britain that he’s departing the series:

This announcement comes in the same week that Peter Capaldi announced on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 show that the Twelfth Doctor will be regenerating at the end of the year.

Marshall said that his intention to leave is due to wanting to spend more time with his family, who don’t travel with him to the tropical island where Death in Paradise is filmed.

While this is a valid reason, filming Doctor Who in Britain may allow him that time.

Having himself replaced original actor Ben Miller, Marshall has a proven track record with being able to successfully replace a series’ lead actor, which is the most important aspect to being cast as the Doctor.

Already, the possibility of “Introducing KRIS MARSHALL as THE DOCTOR” has been picked-up by the media, including Daily Mail and Express – which ran a poll revealing that 58% of readers think that Marshall “would be brilliant” as the Doctor.

If it’s not Tom Ellis, I’d say it’s almost certainly Kris Marshall.

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