IS Tom Ellis The Doctor?

The Dawn of the Thirteenth, day 3


Yesterday, I shared this video:

This was shared to Reddit by Geekritique, where other users began to deduce who it is.

MattGBrad pointed to a screenshot of the Lucifer episode A Priest Walks Into a Bar:

Compare with:

It’s indisputable. And until given reason to believe otherwise, I’m taking this as proof that this actor is the Thirteenth Doctor and 15th actor to officially be in the role. That actor? Tom Milligan, from Last of the Time Lords:

Here he is in Lucifer:

Not only that, but days before Capaldi’s departure was announced, Wales Online reviewed Lucifer, saying:

There was praise for Ellis himself though.

“He’s a very charismatic actor and at times you wonder if he’s subtly auditioning for a role as the next Doctor in Doctor Who ,” said one writer.

Wales Online’s article also noted that Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman has endorsed Ellis as the Doctor:

A previous article from The Mirror had noted Tom Ellis as a favourite for the Eleventh Doctor.

See? It all makes perfect sense. He’d follow Peter Capaldi as an actor to have been in Doctor Who before being cast as Doctor Who, which makes Dr. Milligan the inspiration for where the Thirteenth Doctor gets his face: someone who is prepared to sacrifice himself in order to help his friend defeat the Master. Maybe this is hinting at what happens to the Twelfth Doctor if he and Nardole encounter The Master one last time for a Christmas showdown?

So not only am I right, I’ve just given away the plot as well.

While not mentioning Ellis, a Nerdist article explained that the BBC aren’t about to shake-up anything with the Thirteenth Doctor, which means casting someone in Ellis’ demographic. And Wired writer Charlie Jane Anders doesn’t think anyone could replace Capaldi at all (I’m not quite sure how to break the news to him).

This might be the scenario in the foreseeable future:

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