IS Olivia Colman The Doctor?

The Dawn of the Thirteenth, Day 6


No. But it was inevitable that I’d be discussing this at some point.

io9 writer James Whitbrook has explained that the Thirteenth Doctor’s identity will be confirmed between the next season finale and Christmas special due to Chris Chibnall not wanting to begin the process until completing post-production work on Broadchurch‘s final season. Therefore, we’ll have to wait until at least 4th June (though I personally think it will either be 7th June, 6th July, 5th August, 4th September, 3rd October, 2nd November or 1st December). That means that the “Dawn of the Thirteenth” would seemingly be taking place during the Winter Solstice. But William Hill currently list Olivia Colman as the woman most likely to be that person. According to Burton Mail, politician person Heather Wheeler has openly declared support for a female Doctor Who, though one is inclined to wonder why a publicly-paid politician is spending their thinking about this. One person who can justify it, however, is Tenth Doctor David Tennant, who’s personally endorsed Colman, saying:

If the two of them [Colman and Chibnall] have been having top secret discussions behind my back, I will be furious! Olivia would clearly be a magnificent choice. If the story was right, then why not? […] If you have the right people telling the right stories, then it’s absolutely a possibility.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Tennant wanted to be diplomatic to artists he’s worked with, and knows well – not to mention that Chibnall is more powerful in the industry. Former Doctor Whos have never had any input into the casting process, not even for their successor, nor should they.

The Telegraph has listed Colman at 3rd on their list of actresses best suited for being the Doctor.

As I explained in my article about the Newsnight thing:

Another article from New Statesman explains not just why the next Doctor Who must be female, but why it’s probably going to be a particular female: Olivia Colman. Writer James Cooray Smith explains that Colman has worked with incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall on Broadchurch, and considers David Tennant unavailable due to having already been the Tenth Doctor. Not that Smith explains why that means anything, other than guessing – or indeed why Chibnall wouldn’t want to cast someone else from Broadchurch, or someone from one of his previous series, or indeed someone he’s never worked with before, as was the case when Moffat cast Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

Plus, Colman was already in Doctor Who in The Eleventh Hour, as one of Prisoner Zero’s forms that fought the Eleventh Doctor in his first episode. The question is – why would the Thirteenth Doctor choose that as her face?

Ultimately, this is an issue of whether or not the Doctor should ever be female, and whether that’s even an issue (yes, it is). That’s another post for another time.

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